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would you like (small) fries with that?

Ordering a hamburger and fries going through the drive-through has made take-outs just so quick and convenient when life is extremely busy and the stomach craves a quick fix. East Coast Rd McDonald’s was iconic for those who drove down this North-South bound North Shore ‘highway’. That old McDonald’s is now Small Fries Windsor Park Christian Childcare Centre, but unlike “fast” food the founding of Small Fries was not all fast.

Small Fries was created to be much more than just a childcare centre. It’s a place where both children and families can belong, find support and journey through the preschool years together. The first five years of a child’s life is considered the most impressionable, fastest learning experience and a time where attachment to loved ones takes place. The pre-school years cannot be taken lightly. If you are going to choose a childcare centre and put someone else ‘in loco parentis’, I’m sure you’ll want to choose one with caution and be extremely happy with who looks after of your child on your behalf.

The Vision

The vision of Small Fries is to operate a quality early childhood care and education centre that is a positive learning environment for children, families and teachers, providing an affirming, loving and supportive environment within a Christian world-view.

The Mission

Small Fries’ mission is to nurture all aspects of a child’s development: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual, so that they know they are created uniquely and special.

The Philosophy

Small Fries will partner with families and other support networks to ensure that children receive holistic opportunities to grow and develop according to their unique makeup. Small Fries believe in celebrating life in all its fullness; providing diverse opportunities for discovery and creativity; developing meaningful relationships that enrich lives; understanding the way that God has created a world for us to enjoy; and living out our values of respect, trust, positivity and inclusion.

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